CookBook App

The ultimate pocket CookBook

A sleek multiplatform recipe manager, accessible on and offline, across your Apple iOS or Android devices, on your tablet, laptop or desktop. Import recipes from the web and even physical media using our free real-time recipe scanning.

Ultimate Companion

CookBook is your very own personal recipe organiser. Save your favourite recipes from websites, magazines, recipe books or simply those from your head, all in one place, accessible on all of your devices, anytime.

Your recipes on your devices

Saved safe on CookBook's cloud

Are you tired of always looking for your favourite recipes in old magazine cuttings, saved website links, dusty cookery books and trying to recall that secret recipe your great grandma perfected? Well CookBook is the answer.

CookBook is your very own personal, portable recipe organiser and meal planner.

Scan recipes from physical books, import recipes from the web or create them from scratch, CookBook will keep them safe, making them available online and offline, across your Apple iOS or Android devices, on your tablet, laptop or desktop, under one account with no annoying adverts!

Recipe Scanning

We've integrated clever OCR technology into CookBook that will help you import physical recipes without the time needed to type them in!

What is OCR? OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition, put simply, identifying text within images.

You can now take a picture of a recipe in magazines, newspapers and print outs, use our box selection tool to identify the title, steps and ingredients on the page (we find the other bits automatically for you) and our clever recipe scanner tool will convert your picture into text. Simple!

Please note, you need to be connected to the internet to use this free function.

Packed with features

The CookBook app lets you easily update or scale ingredients, share recipes with friends and family, plan your weekly meals, create shopping lists and so much more! So what are you waiting for? Download CookBook today!

  • The first mobile application with real-time OCR for recipes
  • Automatic conversion of ingredients
  • Scale recipes to serving size
  • Import from 1000's of websites
  • Available online and offline
  • Plan meals and create shopping lists
  • Automatically create timers and convert temperatures
  • Intuitive searching, by tags, ingredient or leftovers
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The CookBook App is designed to work seamlessly across your iOS and Android devices, in two stylish sleek designs. Your recipes and planned meals are also available to view at anytime through our website!